Seraphinite (Clinochlore)

- Have good chemistry -

It is said (clinochlore) and “stone angel” that lead to a good relationship and people-to-people seraphinite. It is a beautiful stone clean design such as the angel wings entered the stone base is green. Because there is the effect that leads to smooth relationships healing the hearts of people around the owner, it is a good idea to wear if you do not have Kizuke relationship smooth.

Also, because it is said to be effective in the palm powerful healing is seraphinite, and that it have when feeling or when stress is accumulated frustration depressed, I have opened radiant mind of the owner. I can expect an effect if you are concerned about or if you have been under a lot of stress in human relations in particular.

  • I will support to make a good relationship is called a stone angel.
  • And open to meeting and sunny heart of the owner by the effect of healing.
  • It is recommended for people with anxiety and trouble in the relationship.

That person who is weak in collective action in the workplace and school wear, but it will eliminate the stress and anxiety it is possible to facilitate communication with people around.

The seraphinite Because it is a gentle stone so delicate, please try to keep a good state by purification frequently.

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