Blue Lace Agate

- Have good chemistry -
Born May 11

Soft white and pale blue has become the fringes beautiful lace and so on Blue Lace Agate, it is called sky blue onyx (also agate) from the fact that it looks like an empty cloud took slightly.

It was used as a lucky charm for avoiding the risk of the owner from the ancient times.

It is said that gives a sense of security and peace to the owner. So you’ll be able to clear the mind can be, in contact with the other party in the kindness heart. It is recommended for those who are thinking Blue Lace Agate, want to build a good relationship and improvement of human relations from this.

If you have this stone, for example, when you meet with people who are in a relationship to be hostile, and there is the effect of as a lucky charm that will protect themselves from negative elements. Wearing it if you are thinking you would like to make and that person, a better relationship of course even better.

  • It gives a sense of security and peace in the owner.
  • Ideal for when you want to build a good relationship and improvement of human relations.
  • It will protect the body from negative elements.

The Why not wearing a blue lace agate and students who want to deepen their friendship, for someone who is looking to reconciled would a fight?

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