Blue chalcedony

Blue chalcedony
- Have good chemistry -
Born August 2

Blue chalcedony is a power stone that has a beautiful blue like the sea. However, is what most stones that are distributed are colored and processed artificially.

Has the effect that will lead interpersonal relationship to be a smooth increase the communication skills this stone. When there is trouble in interpersonal relationships, it is a good idea to wear when smooth communication that can not be. I will be able owner also meet at a gentle and calm feeling to the other.

Because it is said to be the have a relaxing effect and mental well-being, it would have led also to the effects to facilitate interpersonal relationships more.

The husband and wife of having a lover and also it is recommended to not only enhance the communication skills, because I raise more love to the other.

  • Interpersonal relationships will facilitate enhanced communication skills.
  • You can adopt a calm and gentle feeling to humans.
  • And I raise more love to the other.

It is a stone recommended and those interpersonal relationship that does not work is not good at communication, a person to want contact with a tenderness and affection more.

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