Milky quartz

milky quartz
- Have good chemistry -
Born January 24

As the name suggests, milky quartz crystal is translucent milky white. It is said that the stone of the soft colors and a symbol of maternal love, it makes me feel calm and gentle wrap up in a loving owner. Because it becomes possible to treat someone with love to the people around, it is recommended for students who want to continue to build a better interpersonal relationship.

In addition there is the effect that will protect them from calamity, such as accident in milky quartz, but it will avoid the risk that a child or who is driving a car worn.

It is said to be helping to establish a free-standing center of the owner in this stone further. Anyone who wants to be able to say is their own opinion without being swallowed by the surrounding opinion, those who do not have the courage to proceed in his power by eliminating the self-confidence is a good idea to wear.

  • It makes me feel gentle wrapped in a deep love and a symbol of maternal love.
  • I can expect an effect of as a lucky charm that will protect them from calamity, such as an accident.
  • It helps us to establish a self-supporting center of the owner.

The Why not try to put in such living person is a mother or worn, to be a home full of love because it is a stone wrapped in a loving owner.

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