Is there ‘s affinity of stone and stone?

Stone and stone to fight?

To be asked, there is affinity of stone and stone to stone, (the combination is bad and bracelets) and compatibility is not good if the effect of the gemstone or is canceled, it is not good is not to take place or There are those who are concerned either.
In fact the combination really, is not good whether such will happen?

If it says from the conclusion, is fine and I am considered not unlikely that it is not good for stone and stone is a fight that happen. It is said that there is a synergistic effect by a combination of stone and stone, the effect of the original, such as the increase in reverse.

Because it is said, for example crystal, and increases the effect of stone and other acts to purify the stone, I have often used when you combine the gemstone multiple and bracelets.

Except for the meteorite, such as meteorite, it is mineral was born from the earth any gemstone. It is may be considered to be no worse stone each other was born in the same star that the Earth is a fight that happen.

It is possible that you have too much to worry about compatibility too “bad thing, is it not? Happen” and would attracted to me that the thought not good is not good really.

Confrontation with the gemstone to believe good effect is more important than anything.

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