How to fix a simple how to create a power stone bracelet

There is no You can only ready to buy in the shop power stone. Who is looking to make while a wish and love yourself can also be made to choose in every grain myself. We would like to tell you an easy way to handmade bracelet power stone here.

If you want to handmade bracelet power stone, and difficulty is how to make different depending on what through the stone. The thing to pass for example there “rubber made ​​of silicon,” “wire” and “string”. It uses a rubber effortless silicon it is possible for anyone to easily create, it’s passed through the arm this time.


First I will prepare what you need to create. You can make if silicon rubber and minimum power stone, scissors to say and preparation. Caveat here is the thickness of the silicon rubber. The thickness of the hole will vary depending on the size of the stone, be careful not to choose a silicon rubber too thick.

Passed through the rubber to stone

In I take to create! First, let’s go through the silicon rubber to stone. If you use a stone of several types, we will through the rubber while thinking of design when I had it in my bracelet (hue). I think that the routing through easily If you leave clipped the end stone to prevent the fall when you are through.


You signed a rubber Once through the stone. There are various also tie the knot, but how it is hard to come loose and easy way is to become signed by bundling both ends. Let’s tie by bundling both ends to avoid a gap between the stone and the stone. If you did, they loose to be able to a gap, and will help out to be too tight to reverse.

*If can not be a good way to tie in a bundle is also fine double knot.

Hide the knot

Is not good look knot is seen in this state. Let hides in a hole in the stone knot! I put in the stone the knot by pulling the rubber, but it does not fit the thickness of the rubber is too thick. Change the thin rubber If you can not be put at all if.

It is complete when you’re hiding! Even if you make your own from scratch, and even if you fix when you cut or rubber loose If you are Tsuke to buy the finished product. Please try to challenge all means bracelet so you can make very simple.

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