Power stone I got from others is all right to wear?

present-98x100Power Stone is popular regardless of man and woman as an item to increase the fortune. How to be a choose and buy a stone to match the anticipated efficacy and purpose of their own and there are quite a lot.

And is also popular as a gift not only to buy on your own power stone. You may loved ones, family, friends, etc., to present with all my feelings, but it is also able to get in reverse.

Well here, Those who have the power stone question I got from others that do all right even if I wear too? Would not be many. This is because is said “bad things? Happen in If you do not right for me” and simply because it thought that was put.

I hear the thought

That you heard you are present the power stone, or chose the stone in what thought is important. Because, it is said that there is a possibility that there is a shift in the effect you effect and opponents (who gave us) is expected to have come to expect, you can not exercise the power of the power stone of the original, would work to the negative because we are sure.

For example, your opponent chose the stone in the thought that “want to say well to become active in love”, but you had rebounded I thought to be “work hard to achieve their goals and work than love is now.” you would.

Listen to the thoughts of the opponent in order to prevent the rebound in this way, to wear as long as stone intended by the other party, and to wear time until come otherwise I’ll refrain.


It does not mean only good feelings are and that contains what you get from others purification. Because of the possibility that work to minus idle thoughts is already on, let’s purification must be before you wear. Please see the “purification method of the power stone” for more information.

Purification is recommended even if you are not limited to Moraimono, I felt a sense of discomfort by being touched by others!


Another way I thought “it can not be the only peace of mind cleansing”, “some discomfort when I was wearing,” you re-create it with rose once. Not be difficult to re-add it with a purchase only silicon rubber and wire if Dere bracelet.

The purified again the stone and roses, please try to make rice while the thought of their own! I am reliable idle thoughts of others will disappear if you so far, so you dyed your thoughts.

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