How do you power stone been damaged or broken?

damegeThere is no problem power stone you have been hurt or missing or broken from the beginning, because regarded as personality of the stone.

In but what if the power stone wore has gone damaged or broken? Bad things or would would occur when wearing as it is?

If you are injured or cracking ?

If it says from the conclusion , it does not matter as wounded or missing a bit much . It is thought the break away, but because I will protect becomes the scapegoat of a bad thing for you .

If you’ve been missing big and if you’ve broken , Now that you have the role of energy as a power stone is lost , please give back to the clean soil while gratitude .

When you cut the bracelet ?

Also no problem if the silicon rubber and wire bracelet has gone off . It is said that even wish come true Did I protect it from a bad thing , as long as it was out with the thing which I made with a wish too. There is no need to catch so to bad .

By the purification , please try recreate while the hope again if bracelet is gone if .

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