Purification method of the gemstone

Even gemstone you purchased new, cross into the hands of various people to come up to your place, and think evil thoughts of the people of those contains. In order to get rid of the evil thoughts like that, you need to purify the gemstone.
Also after they come to your stuff, you will be able to regain the energy of the gemstone by a purification.

salt Cleanse with salt

In this method, you have a natural salt, or keep the gemstone on it, and put it buried in salt. Pour the salt in the water, please wipe off the water gently after purification.

* Please purification in a different way because it may change color gemstone in calcite and turquoise, amber, shiny, such as lapis lazuli.

流水 Exposed to running water

You can purify by putting the gemstone into the cup, and exposed to water. Mineral water and spring water is ideal, but this is not a problem in the tap water.

Is also effective in the purification method because there is nothing to change color to be exposed to water for a long time depending on stone, for about 1 minute, and that to leave running tap water.

* Please do not exposed to water for a long time power stone fluorite and calcite, turquoise and hematite.

sun Hit the sun

That shed light on the sunrise is an ideal. By doing this, you can gemstone to absorb energy from the sun.

* There is a possibility that altered rhodochrosite and amethyst, fluorite, such as amber.

moon Hit the light of the moon

You can purify the gemstone by shed gentle light of the moon. When the full moon is ideal but it is sufficient to Guess a few minutes even if it is not full moon.

This purification method is effective in most gemstone. Moreover, it is best to do in stone like the light of the moon, such as rose quartz and moonstone.

smoke Smudge with smoke

Purification can also be to dip to the gemstone among the smoke of incense and incense.

In recent years, set fire to dry herbs such as lavender and sage, it’s that smudge in the smoke also are popular.

cluster Put on top of the cluster

You can charge the power of the stone to be purified in that you put the gemstone to the cluster is clustering of the crystal and can also. If you leave put on the cluster after purification by way of purification, you could purify more powerful.

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