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Also called fluorspar from lighting-up beautifully when I put in a fire, there are various colors, light flow is gentle hue none.

The name “light flow” seems to have with the fact that there is a nature to shine under ultraviolet radiation. Power by the color of the stone, giving each different light flow. For example, in the case of the green fluorite, and, be more to learn, for example, when you have such do not know the effect of or to concentrate the mind, offer many opportunities intuition can be expected, what you should do it now future with anxiety it is said that I suggest a good future.

  • Colorless, white : It makes me calm the mind.
  • Yellow : It makes you energetic in the positive.
  • Pink : It makes me rise the love luck.
  • Purple : And I raise the judgment.
  • Blue : It makes it better human relations.
  • Green : And I raise the concentration.

By wearing it the flow of light color that matches the current situation of you, and will give more power.

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Fortune by Gemstone


The overall fortune is raised, and gemstone that raises the effect of other gemstone.

Money and work

The economic fortune and the work fate are raised. And, effective Gemstone in the improvement of studies.


It is popular among the woman in Gemstone that raises the love fate and the marriage fate.


Gemstone that shakes off evil thought and misfortune, and defends you.

Health and Heeling

A healthy fate is improved, and Gemstone in which the spirit is stabilized, and healing is effective.

Interpersonal relationship

Effective Gemstone in construction of good interpersonal relationships of harmony and cooperation, etc. with others.

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