Black rutile quartz

Black rutile quartz
- Have good chemistry -
Born August 15

It is said to be effective to increase the gambling luck as a stone to enhance the intuition of the owner is black rutile quartz .

The work, by putting it on in the body when you want a good summary of the negotiations in the negotiations and when you want to win a rival company , this stone can give you the great power . Is popular with people management , sales positions , the financial industry black rutile quartz to greatly improve the luck with money, work , luck game luck for that .

In addition, since the increase intuition , you can expect the effect of as a lucky charm that you do not want to or deceived or moving in the wrong direction in the sense danger .

Black rutile quartz is a normal thing than rutile quartz ( of gold ) , and black appearance color iron contains a lot of the part of the needle . Note that it is easy to mistake the one black tourmaline has entered the crystal called ” black tourmaline crystal ” . Sometimes black tourmaline crystal has also been sold as black rutile quartz in some shops .

  • It is said to increase the gambling luck enhanced intuition.
  • I greatly increases the luck with money, work-luck game luck.
  • Try not to be fooled or move or a bad direction to sense the danger.

It is expensive because it is stone high rarity very output is small, but it is a stone want to wear all means when you have missing the game.

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