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Apophyllite is a stone that ” leaf leaves ” meaning to say Tang Greek languages ​​, will lead the spirit of negative thoughts and it is no longer needed the owner so completely detach . There are various other green and white from those of transparency , it will be visible in the crystal- color .

By having a apophyllite and if you like is no longer seen only in a narrow field of view things , when you’ve been caught in stereotypes , giving power to being able to view things with a wide field of view . By putting it on in the body when it is not as able to take the challenge failure with anxiety , but it will support to look like the way to move forward .

In addition, it is said that this stone is to strengthen the ties to the spirit world from the material world . When you wear this when you want to meditate , you will be able to maximize their abilities .

  • I part with the spirit of negative thoughts and that are no longer needed.
  • It is being able to view things with a wide field of view.
  • It is said to strong ties to the spirit world.

And when it is required to make creative work, let’s wear apophyllite such as when you want to give a good idea you do not have to worry stereotypes.

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The overall fortune is raised, and gemstone that raises the effect of other gemstone.

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