Rhodochrosite (Inca-Rose)

- Have good chemistry -
Born July 19

Rhodochrosite is also known as the “Inca Rose” because it means “stone rosy”, locality former was the Inca Empire in the Greek.

It is said that is a symbol the passion and dream, and love, this stone, and lead you to love and marriage filled with love happy. Also, I would not also good to have when the effect of preparing the balance of body and mental (mind), feelings can also be expected, and have already broken heart.

It is said to be referred to as “The Rose of Passion ‘well, there is also power to awaken the passion this stone, to be effective to restore the love that almost lost the passion. Meaning as well as passion for couple or lover, that passion to others and my own life meaning in to.

  • It is said to fix the balance of physical and mental (mind), feelings.
  • There is a power to call passion.
  • It is said to recover the dead love.

For someone who is not able to take one step towards that and feels painful in heartbreak also human, want to pour passion to love and love, to fall in love, why can wear this rhodochrosite?

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Fortune by Gemstone


The overall fortune is raised, and gemstone that raises the effect of other gemstone.

Money and work

The economic fortune and the work fate are raised. And, effective Gemstone in the improvement of studies.


It is popular among the woman in Gemstone that raises the love fate and the marriage fate.


Gemstone that shakes off evil thought and misfortune, and defends you.

Health and Heeling

A healthy fate is improved, and Gemstone in which the spirit is stabilized, and healing is effective.

Interpersonal relationship

Effective Gemstone in construction of good interpersonal relationships of harmony and cooperation, etc. with others.

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