Mother of pearl

mother of pearl
- Have good chemistry -
Born November 28

Mother-of-pearl is the thing which smelt sharpen the part of the mother shell for making pearl , I have a beauty also different from the pearl . To build a beautiful pearl gently wraps the core of the pearl , has the effect of healing us by wrapping them in a love and tenderness the owner is mother of pearl .

It is said to be effective to bring out the maternal appeal and feminine by women to wear , it will be able to give the tenderness it is possible to feel and understand the hearts of women men and wear you .

Because it will be able to respect each other by wearing a couple , in contact with a deeper love , it is a good idea to wear on if the relationship is such as jerky.

Also because it is said that there is the effect of as a lucky charm to protect the child , towards the pregnant women to wear or wear a small child it is recommended .

  • The quench and wraps up in the affection and tenderness the owner.
  • You will be able to contact to have a deep affection by each other.
  • It is most suitable as a lucky charm to protect the child.

It is not a stone as well as pearls because they are made ​​of a shell, but because it is easy to wear as ornaments in popularity as a lucky charm and effect to deepen the love, please try to take advantage of even a familiar place by all means.

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