Fire Opal

Fire Opal
- Have good chemistry -
Born October 30

Gold and orange and red was mixed , Fire Opal is a stone of color transparency fiery high .

It is said Fire Opal of this beautiful color , also known as “Cupid Stone” , and to up the romance luck . It will lead so that it is transmitted to the other party your affection .

It gives us the courage to challenge the person I want to be active or convey firmly to their own opinion , but I would not move to think their own personality introvert is in the way . It is also recommended Because I remove negative emotions such as fear and anxiety , to want through their views at work and school and then is effective for love .

Since it has also been used as a stone to support the makeover , please try wearing Fire Opal The person you want to turn yourself in now .

  • It is said to make up the love and luck “Cupid Stone”.
  • It gives you the courage to challenge to move as I thought.
  • And I support the makeover.

It is a stone recommended for those who “want to change to better myself” and “that you want to challenge some” and become stronger in the spiritual aspect in particular.

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