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Amethyst is a gemstone that gives off a beautiful glow of purple.

It is said that the Greek word “not drunk” has become the language amethyst, enhance intuition, and gives a calm judgment. It is called “Amethyst” in Japanese name.

By effect is said to stone a successful romance further, gives a calm judgment and the above-mentioned effect of the romance intertwine, effect that gives the owner the “true love” can be expected.

May be used as a powerful talisman to this stone, but it will protect the owner and negative elements of the inner surface, from such bad luck from the outside in the love side.

In addition, it is said to have a power and family lover, and friend, me strengthen ties and better human relations.

  • It is said to be a successful romance.
  • It is that it gives us a calm judgment.
  • It is said that I deepen ties with family and lover.
  • I also have power that will strengthen ties and better human relations.

Best, and I think the love luck rising power stone for the person who thinks “I want to have a serious love”.

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Fortune by Gemstone


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