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In order to fulfill the full potential of the owner, labradorite can expect an effect as a power stone to pull out the dormant talent, will lead to success and goal realization. Or when you have to doubts whether “not there is no ability for me”, and by putting it on in the body when they’ve lost the confidence, you will begin to unleash the power of more than usual regained confidence.

This stone also helps absorb the negative energy. It is also known as a stone healing effect to control his feelings and to reduce anger and frustration, the sadness is high.

Labradorite is a beautiful stone that changes color depending on the angle exposed to light. There is the base “white labradorite” is white in addition to those of the base is blue like in the picture above. Because there may be mistaken with opal and moonstone white labradorite, please be careful when you purchase.

  • Pull out the dormant talent, it leads to success and goal realization.
  • You will be able to demonstrate the power of more than usual to regain confidence.
  • Has the power to effect healing is high, to control the emotions.

Regained confidence in wearing it when the feeling is down to a failure, it will bring out the ability of the original you have.

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