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Hematite means “stone of blood” in Greek. Is sometimes also referred to as “Black Diamond” When the polishing hematite, since take on a glossy.

It looks like part of the lineage flawed turns red when scratched to this stone. This is said to be the “stone of scapegoat” has the effect to catch the risk of the owner, a scapegoat of the owner from the bad things.

In addition, it has been said to be the “stone that leads to victory”, and there is an effect that can be overcome the enemy by rubbing the body with hematite.

You’ll be able to by having even when action power and aggressiveness required or when leadership is needed, and I draw the power of their own, we will pull around.

  • It is to be me become a scapegoat to catch the danger.
  • It is said that it will lead to victory.
  • It helps to provide leadership.

By wearing it the hematite when there and the competition as a test, is Shobugoto, you might will lead you to victory.

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Fortune by Gemstone


The overall fortune is raised, and gemstone that raises the effect of other gemstone.

Money and work

The economic fortune and the work fate are raised. And, effective Gemstone in the improvement of studies.


It is popular among the woman in Gemstone that raises the love fate and the marriage fate.


Gemstone that shakes off evil thought and misfortune, and defends you.

Health and Heeling

A healthy fate is improved, and Gemstone in which the spirit is stabilized, and healing is effective.

Interpersonal relationship

Effective Gemstone in construction of good interpersonal relationships of harmony and cooperation, etc. with others.

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