Dalmatian Jasper

- Have good chemistry -

Patterns there is a power stone of black spots such as the Dalmatian dog “Dalmatian Jasper”.

This stone is called the “stone of the commandments”, from thinking negative, I have to help improve thinking skills, the ability to make a sound judgment re-examine the inner surface of their own. And I give the power to the necessity of their own goals, and I lead on the right path.

If I wear and when emotions can not be controlled by or irritated, such as when the motivation does not come out feeling sink, rinse the negative feelings, it will be a state of mind, such as move forward.

In addition, Dalmatian Jasper, effect of as a lucky charm that will protect it from accidental the owner also can be expected. It is a good idea to wear when traveling or when working in active outside.

  • You us to help improve thinking skills, the ability to make a sound judgment
  • Rinse the negative feelings, I have to state of mind, such as move forward.
  • It will protect from accidents the owner.

In the stone is said to also give happiness and hope, will lend great strength to you in the spirit plane.

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