Black pearl

Black pearl
- Have good chemistry -
Born May 9

Has a beauty that is different also from the pure white pearl, black pearl is a characteristic effect of as a lucky charm will protect the owner from negative energy and evil spirits and evil spirits has a high. It is said that the black pearl is being commonly used in funeral and also because there is an effect of as a lucky charm.

Also, the black pearl, giving the strong power to penetrate the will of their own even if there are attacks and opposition from around.

It is recommended for anyone who wants some and the fact that anyone who wants to be able to say proudly their opinion without being spread in the opinion around, and want to achieve even over the objection from the surroundings. However, it does not mean it is not necessary to listen to the views of the surroundings or become arrogant, and should not be lost integrity.

  • It will protect the owner from negative energy.
  • It gives us a strong power to penetrate the will of their own.
  • It is recommended for those who have a goal you want to achieve no matter what.

Anyone who does not go forward if there is opposition to the surrounding there is a goal that you want to challenge, let’s wearing a black pearl and could stand a strong will not to be defeated by the surrounding opinion.

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